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Representing the Citizens of Florida House District 16.

Proud to be an American and Floridian...

A Protector of Constitutional Rights

As a spouse to a 20-year Navy veteran, the military taught me some of the most memorable ideals of sacrificing, defending, and loving my Country. Not just the geography of the United States but also the country, which is your family and my family.

I am a lifelong Jacksonville resident and an “Angel Mom”. I am dedicated and determined to speak my mind and carry your message to Tallahassee.

I’m excited to be your State Representative; I am a political outsider with no ties to special interest groups in Tallahassee. My priorities are to give a voice to Angel Families like ours, defend conservative values, and help Gov. Ron DeSantis advocate for more robust measures to protect our state from illegal aliens.


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Kiyan Michael for State Representative



Conservative Values are under attack from the Federal, State, and Local Levels. I stand for the Values that have made this Country Great.


Liberals are seeking to destroy our core family values and heritage. The liberal media is their ally, and I will stand against them.


Sanctuary Cities? Open Borders? Citizens last? My own son? We must be tough on illegal immigration agendas.


Florida is a sanctuary for retirees and Veterans. Their care, protection, and liberties are paramount. I will stand with them as they have stood for us.


Many states, many elected officials, and even more criminals "cry" out for police reform. Defund the Police is backfiring. I stand with our citizens in blue.


Schools are under attack, our children are under attack, and parents are under attack. Not on my watch. The family values instilled in children must not be erased.

Keep Our State Great and Join Me!

The Issues We Face

Since the year 1776, America has stood for Freedom. That Freedom is under attack from liberal socialists who masquerade as "defenders of democracy" when anything else is but the truth.

These freedoms are guaranteed to all American Citizens under the Constitution. The freedom to believe the way you want to believe, raise your children with values and morals, own firearms, and defend your way from those who seek to take away your way of life. Moreover, those who would take away your life.

As a district, state,  and nation, we have the right to defend these liberties. And now, we must do so in our community and state.

Illegal Immigration was a problem before we had "open borders"; trust me, I know. My son, Brandon, was killed by an illegal immigrant in 2007. My family is an Angel Family. I am an Angel Mother.

Biden and Harris, along with the radical left, want open borders. They want to flood immigrants into this country without being properly vetted. America Last... Our sons and daughters last... It feels like we, as Americans, have become the enemy of the radical left's agenda. There is a reason they call us the "Right,"... right?

I am America and Americans First! The illegal immigrant who killed my son and had been deported twice before that. He served only a two-year sentence and was imported again. The way the Democrats loathe our country, he's probably riding our streets again with a check from you and me.

Is this the America or Florida we want? Thank the Good Lord for a Governor like Ron DeSantis. Who says, "Floridians First". Thank the Good Lord for Governor DeSantis, who says, "America First." I am the candidate for America First!

In Tallahassee, I will fight to defend the proper process of immigration and support legislation to eradicate illegal immigration in every form. We do not even know how many illegal immigrants were sent into our state under the shadow of night by Biden and his repopulation squad. Trust me... I WILL FIND OUT!

There is no bond stronger than Family. Yet today, we see an attack on the very definition of Family. The radical left and its media soothsayers dish out orders to the elected left to fulfill their desires. What is that desire? A country without gender, children without discipline, a one world order... Think about that.

I will work to develop and support legislation that will limit their power in our State and Our District. Political propaganda has no place in our homes, schools, houses of worship, workplaces, and grocery stores. I will defend the rights of the Conservative family at the State level and beyond. The destruction of America is happening right before our very eyes. We must act, and we must act now.

We can end this, but we must work together to accomplish these goals. 

We can all see how well the "defund the police" movement is doing. It's not doing well at all. But yet, the liberal media and their elected soothsayers remain silent. While citizens of "Blue Cities and States" fear for their safety and lives, I am determined that Florida will not be this way and will work to ensure it.

The atrocious breach of citizen safety has even reached our families as well. Federal Leftist Legislators want to define your family and children for you. Like I always say, "good parents raised good citizens." To me, one of the greatest crimes against the citizens of the United States is a Government that defends rioting, looting, and disobedience and a media that lies and spreads lies for the ultimate goal of making you hate your country. It is a gross misuse of power for ulterior motives, and it, too, must be stopped. It must be treated as what it is, a crime against the people.

We must obey the rule of law and conduct ourselves orderly. I will defend and promote legislature that supports our first responders, our citizens in blue, and all those who beckon to the call of defense of this great State and Nation.

My husband served in the Navy for 20 years. The military taught me some of the most memorable ideals on what it is to sacrifice, defend, and love my Country. Not just the geography of the United States, I mean the Country which is you and my family.

The homeless rate for Veterans is staggering. The suicide rate for Veterans is inexcusable. The wealthiest Country in the world has money for illegal immigrants, for staying at home instead of working, for hiring thousands of agents to check your $600 bank account, yet very few have witnessed the cost of Freedom. Why?

It's all part of the "America Last" framework. That isn't very comforting.

I stand with Veterans. I stand for caring for those who fought to care for us and our way of life. I stand for showing them the support, both financially and medically, that they deserve.

The educational institutions of this Country are under attack. During the last 13 years, we have seen schools brainwashing our children with leftist ideologies that force them into behavior they would have otherwise never followed. 

The left wants to silence your voice as a parent from having any voice in the schools, universities, and colleges. They will have the FBI investigate you if you say your mind at a school board conference. When will it ever end?

I will limit federal overreach in the school systems by sponsoring and supporting bills that make our public schools a place of education for the future, not an agenda. I will work hand in hand with the School Board of District 12 to ensure that education is just that, education, not a pulpit for Marxism.

Kiyan Michael

I stand with and support Gov. Ron DeSantis!


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